Comment utiliser (facile)

1. Open Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center
2. Click Set up a new connection or network
3. Select Connect to a workplace and then click Next
4. Select No, create a new connection and then click Next
5. Click on Use my Internet connection (VPN)
6. Enter the Internet address and Destination name

- In the Internet address, enter the domain IP address indicated in the email
- Enter any name you like in the Destination name ex) BananeVPN
- Tick Don’t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later

7. Enter the User name and Password and Tick Remember this password;
then click Create
8. At the lower bottom of the screen, select your newly created connection and then right-click to open the Properties
9. For Type of VPN under the Security tab,
select Point to Point Tunneling Protcol (PPTP) and click OK
10. Double-click on the newly created VPN and open the Connect VPN Connection screen

- Enter the User name and Password indicated in the email
- Tick Save this user name and password for the following users
- Click Connect

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